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Lisa Tomey

Lisa Tomey

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ever Had One of Those Days? Try One With Fibromyalgia...

Fibromyalgia is something that I have had to contend with for  some time. It could be worse so I should be grateful. Just some days I sit on the pity pot but not for too long. Why is that? Pity does not solve the problem. What does it take? That is a good question. It takes being your own best advocate for medical help. You have to be an informed person. It takes being proactive. What do I do? I watch commercials and send for information about the fibromyalgia medications advertised. I go online and check for the latest information. There are also email communications I subscribe to. There are formal and informal networks. I talk to people who are also affected by fibromyalgia. I exercise and work on weight loss.

SparkPeople is one site I belong to. There are some groups in the site for people with fibromyalgia. They are wonderful. Sometimes I add a post or respond. Other times I just read what others share and learn information about what people have really tried. SparkPeople is a site for people trying to lose weight. Too much weight is a strain on the body. To lose means less pain, to a certain extent. This is especially true if you are like so many fibromyalgia patients who have other health issues. This could be any number of issues. Because of the nature of fibromyalgia it is less likely to be relieved by weight loss than something like arthritis.

What does it feel like to have fibromyalgia? You had to ask that one. :) It is a challenge. When having a full blown flare up, or body takeover, fibromyalgia feels like a flu which affects you from head to toe. Everything feels achy. Fatigue, morning stiffness, numb feelings in hands and feet, trouble sleeping because of the pain, depression, headaches, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness and more take over. This is why medication treatment has to be comprehensive. It is not unusual to have to take something for pain, depression, anxiety, sleep and any other symptoms. Some people find that anti-inflammatory medications help but they have to watch out for side effects. Stomach bleeds from too much pain medication is not uncommon. When this happens it often means that a prescription medication will need to be used.

There is more to be known about fibromyalgia and with studies thus far it has been found that the central nervous system has more to do with the pain than originally thought. is a great resource site to learn about this disease. Pain management, sleep management, counseling, and certain exercises help. Acupuncture, water therapy, yoga, relaxation exercises, and massage are just a few of the common treatments which help.

There is hope for fibromyalgia sufferers and with research comes even more awareness. As one who has this condition I know what it was like when it started and with working with the doctors I have learned how to take care of myself. Medications, exercise and enough rest help. Some days it still takes over and I have to contend with it. It helps to know some tools which include relaxation, scaling back my duties, stretching, and taking medications. It also helps to talk about it. No two people with fibromyalgia will feel the same way. If you have symptoms, even partially, you may need to be checked. Rheumatologists usually will be the ones to do the assessment. They will check the body for the tender points characteristic of fibromyalgia.

If you have any questions about fibromyalgia I am glad to help. I may refer you to another, more expert resource. Take care of yourself. Gentle Hugs, Lisa


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Wendy said...

A very good description of what fibromyalgia is and what it feels like. I'm sorry you have to live with it. But I'm so glad that you have such a great outlook. You are one of the best people I know. You a pity party? I think not!
But hey, next time you throw one you better invite me! I'll bring cake! Gluten Free of course.

LisasOwnBlog said...

Yes, Oxyforpain, there are benefits from medically monitored pain medications as you mentioned. It is the OTC medication that can cause stomach bleeds. This is not true for everyone but was sure true for me. Now I can only take RX meds.

LisasOwnBlog said...

Thanks Wendy, I try to keep both chins up LOL Eventually there will only be one. I will be sure to invite you to my next pity party! Bring chips n dips!

Paula Tomey-Allen said...

Great info; makes me wonder...