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Lisa Tomey

Lisa Tomey

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, Monday...Relationships and Etc.

I wonder how many blogs start with that phrase on any given Monday. Today I am a writer who must write or starve. Just warming up now before I jump into the word program. I use Open Office as my word program and it is free. How awesome is that? Today I am thinking of a lot of things but relationships come to mind.

When in a relationship that is slowing dying is it possible to rekindle or is it better to let it go? This is a good question for debate. What about if your partner has a mental health issue? Do you stay with them because of this? One part of this may be that if they are getting professional help on a consistent basis, then you might be able to work things out. It takes two to make this happen. I believe that there is no shame in walking away if you cannot handle the issues. It is probably a good idea to see a counselor. They will not be as biased as other people you may know. They can open up your mind to possibilities. Also, they can draw out the positives you may not see in yourself. Why let yourself slip into situational depression and anxiety if it can be prevented? Medication is sometimes helpful, to get over the hump. Exercise and healthy eating also gives you fuel for keeping the mind working at the optimal. Whatever you decide to do, take care of yourself. Whether of not you stay or go away from a relationship you can still have "you" intact.

Have you ever heard that you should never start anything new on a Monday? I have not exactly heard that but it is my philosophy. It is based on non official observations. When you walk into the office on Monday morning what do you notice? If it is holiday season there will be more treats than most people could pass up. If you have an eating disorder - such as compulsive overeating - coupled with a bad weekend than Monday is going to be shaky. I am not suggesting that you gorge yourself with tons of food. Limit what you take and once you are full throw the rest in the trash can. Yes, you heard me right. Throw it away. There are not going to be any children in third world countries who will see you do this. Keep something "safe" on hand such as raw veggies or those 100 calories healthy snacks. As a diabetic I find that this helps. I know that when I have had one of the healthy snacks I have satisfied my sweet tooth but kept in line with my food plan. Now, when Tuesday comes it is full speed ahead for that healthy eating adventure. If you need support, there are free resources online. You can also go to 12 Step meetings such as Overeaters Anonymous. There is no shame in asking for help. In fact, it brings strength by knowing you are not alone and sponsorship so you have someone you can turn to.

Today I chose to start my day with a healthy breakfast. I had low sodium bacon at a reasonable portion, poached eggs, and bagels. I now have a sweet tooth which I will satisfy with some yogurt and fruit. I started my plan a long time ago and every time I go to the doctor I have lost more weight. It is coming off at just the right pace. I did not get this way overnight and do not expect to drop pounds that way. Tomorrow I am going to exercise at the senior center (for ages 50 and up) and get in the heated pool. I can hardly wait.

Have a great day and remember to take care of yourself. HUGE HUGS Lisa


Paula said...

Hi Lisa, love how you put into words what is felt in the heart. Paula

Paula Tomey-Allen said...

I saw Paula over here and said, wait I haven't written anything yet! lol!

Good writing and good advice.

As for the relationship... not being a stranger to trial and error, it's hard to cut those ties when there is love for the other person. We want to see them turn their lives around, but we can't push them through a revolving door. They have to take the effort, push and then walk through it themselves.