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Lisa Tomey

Lisa Tomey

Monday, January 25, 2010

Microsoft(r) Security Essentials Can Save Your Computer

Recently my sister had an experience with her computer that made me think. She somehow ended up in the wild world of pop up screens. After she thought she had gotten through the attack, she did some checking and tweaking. When she tried to restart her PC, the operating system would not come up. Her computer was in the dead zone. Along came the white horse with our favorite computer expert who saved the day. He had to reinstall windows. He stated that it looked like some kind of ad-ware was the culprit. Off he went on his white horse. Thank You Mr. Computer Expert!

Imagine the frustration of not having a computer. We all depend on them to work, do research, and more. I used mine a lot for recipes and coupons. And of course, to blog, tweet, Facebook, work, and much, much more. My wonderful researcher AKA sister found this download which is one of Microsoft's latest developments. It is called Microsoft(r) Security Essentials .This is quite the web resource and guess is FREE!!! Of course you have to be running genuine Windows or it won't work. What is great about this product is that it has continuous protection for mal-ware and any viruses.

After my sister installed the Microsoft(r) Security Essentials she noticed that her computer ran smoothly and with less noise. This was enough to encourage me to try something new. I first ran spyBot before uninstalling it. I then removed my Internet security, which made me nervous. Fortunately, there were no problems with temporary removal of the anti-virus program. Installation took a little while, but was shorter than expected. I ran a full system scan and everything was good to go. I like how my computer runs better. Since there is protection with this resource, I no longer have to run a separate anti-virus and spyware search and destroy programs. This freed up much needed space. Whie I was online yesterday, this new program saved me from clicking on a malicious website. That was exiting to me.

I like how this protection is free and from Microsoft. With their stamp of approval for this great product.Thank you Microsoft(r)!!!


Paula Tomey-Allen said...

Also, after I ran this program for the first time, it found THREE trojans that my other programs had not come up with. Using Security Essentials also freed up a page when I tried to get into Facebook that told me I was at a Restriced Site to consult my virus protection.
I am sold on Security Essentials and pray that they keep it free!
My computer is so much quieter and faster!

LisasOwnBlog said...

Mine too Paula and I am so grateful that you told me about it.