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Lisa Tomey

Lisa Tomey

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Soup is Good for The Soul and The Waistline

Several years ago we used to have a huge garden. We canned all sorts of things, especially since we found a great deal on a pressure canner. Home canning benefits are that you can take vegetables in their raw form and preserve their nutritional value. 
One year was an especially tough year, financially. We decided to take what we had in food storage and make it work. As we tended to put on winter weight, we decided to try eating soup on a regular basis. The crock put became our best friend. Rather than boiling vegetables too hard, we put them all in the crock pot and let them cook slowly. Little did I know that this was the healthy way to make soup. Stock was made from whatever meat was on hand. Many times we just counted on the vegetables for stock.  
Aroma from the simmering soup would catch our noses and stomachs. By the time soup was ready, so were we. I learned how to make homemade croutons. They were wonderful to sprinkle on top. Made with whole wheat bread, stored in the freezer, garlic and other tasty sprinkles such as cheese, the croutons were a success. Much to our palates delight, we were well fed with tasty and healthy soup. 
Weight control was phenomenal that winter. While he stayed the same as his before winter weight, I actually lost. Both of us benefited from this experience. Until weather turned to full spring, we stayed on the soup regimen. Creativity blossomed, as different recipe experiments were tried. Nothing was recorded, regrettably so.  
What I learned was that by getting to the base of nature by using food to the fullest extent, there was the enrichment of the soul. My mind was clearer I was able to focus on more spiritual aspects of my life. I also was a more productive person. My body was healthier than it had been, as I have had to battle the bulge since my teen aged life. And I was able to share with neighbors who could not get out as easily. Soup became the way of touching the innermost goodness in me. And that always feels good. 

Today, I do not have a garden but I still love fresh vegetables. After years of learning and experiencing the benefits, my vote is for freshness. Even picky eaters will sometimes eat vegetables in soup form. In vegetable stock, it is almost impossible to detect which vegetables are in there. As we are all feeling the abundance of holiday goodies, soup is going to start entering the menu more often. Time to get the crock pot out and fill it with plenty of natures bounty, to delight the soul. Aah soup, wonderful soup!


Paula Tomey-Allen said...

Oh yum! Makes we want to make a pot of vegetable beef, with loves of beef, like mom's ;)

Kathy Hester (GeekyPoet) said...

I love soup too and make it a lot in my slow cooker. I am posting healthy slow cooker recipes (including soups)on my blog You might fine some that interest you.

LisasOwnBlog said...

Thanks Paula and Kathy. Yum for more recipes! said...

I always can and freeze everything from our garden - when we have enough. Last year's garden didn't product enough due to excessive rain. But, we eat soup often ourselves and have to agree - the crock pot is my best friend :) Great article!!

LisasOwnBlog said...

Thanks Linda, I miss canning and am planning a garden again one day. Albeit it may be a back porch one since I can't bend or squat. LOL

Wendy said...

This is so right on time for me. I've been craving soup so much lately. That's all I've been wanting. Yesterday I pulled out my bag of chicken parts that I save and made Chicken broth (when I buy chicken breasts I don't buy the skinless boneless it's too expensive I buy it with the bones and skin, then I save the bones and skin in a ziploc until I have enough)
So yesterday I made a big pot of Broth because I had some limp celery and carrots, and shriveled potato (didn't want to waste those) threw in some onion and garlic. Now I have a bunch of really good broth.

I also made broccoli cheese soup yesterday because Stuart was off with the guys and he doesn't like it and I love it. I made it a little lighter than most, but it was good.

I'll probably blog about both at some point. I did take pictures.

Now I want more soup though.


LisasOwnBlog said...

I am going to try the potato soup recipe that Kathy has. It sounds very healthy and I believe I have all the ingredients. I even have rosemary which is awesome in potato soup. Also in mushroom soup sage will bring out all the goodness. Soup is so healthy and a good way to slip those nutrients in there. And it is also a good way to keep waste down.

Paula Tomey-Allen said...

In trying to think of something that wasn't fried or beef for Friday night, this makes me think I need to make a pot of vegetable chicken soup. Yum...