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Lisa Tomey

Lisa Tomey

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dedication to Pets, The Rainbow Bridge, Love of Four Legged Family Members, More

We lost our beloved Sampson yesterday. You can read about it on  Sampson's Blog His blog will stay active and focus on pets. We think Sampson would like that. 

Here is picture of sweet Sampson.  I had been crocheting a baby blanket and he asked me to pose him with it. Such a sweet, handsome boy.

We decided to let Sampson go naturally unless it became evident that pain would be unbearable. He decided that the master bed would be his place to go. I lay with him and comforted him along with some soft music Tony selected and we waited for Jodi to get home. Soon after she arrived and kissed him goodbye, he left. This  told me that he wanted his family to be with him. He has been taken to the local animal shelter where his remains will be cremated. We will have a service for him when the time is right.

Last night Tony felt something jump up on the bed, just like Sampson did when he was here. It likely was him letting us know that he was okay and not far away. I put off going to bed until late as I knew it would be hard. Sampson had been sleeping on my chest and I missed his purr as he lay there resting. At one point I thought I heard a meow but it was an ambulance from a distance. I finally fell asleep, I think from exhaustion and for that I am grateful.

Jodi took all of Sampson's cat food and supplies with her to my sister's house where they will be used or distributed. She and her family have two cats and two dogs. They are Tigre, Shaft, Targe' and Pepper. Here is their pic.

Our pets are truly our friends as they look out for us. They ask little in return and take all of our hearts if we are lucky. 

Thank God for Sampson and that now he gets his reward for being a true, loyal friend. We miss him but know he is better now.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Think Spring Let's Have Some Fun!

Let's have some fun! Spring is just around the bend but let's jump start it! Here is a link to click but when you do you have to click your mouse on the black screen and see what happens. Have fun! Here goes: Think Spring Link

Friday, February 19, 2010

Get Your Group On! Coupons Which Are More Than Your Average Deal

Groupon is a deal-of-the-day website that is localized to major markets in the United States. The way it works is that you go to the Groupon site and sign up for free. The only time you pay for anything is when you order a "Groupon." This is usually for events or meals  or lessons or memberships and more awesome deals things in between. These are not your normal coupons as you get more for your money. An example is one of the recent promos for $30. worth of food at a restaurant for $15.

These deals are available at most major cities and there is always the option of requesting to get your Groupon locally.

By the way. Sign up on my Groupon Link and get me some palm scratch. Thanks, Lisa

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Site is Up and Running - Make Money for Making Calls

Dial4dough Free membership
Free members can dial to our client advertisers and listen to 2 - 5 minute live, or recorded advertisements and receive from $1.00 to $1.50 per ad.  There is no payment required to join this program.
Members must spend at least $20.00 of each $100 received for dialing with our advertisers to continue receiving numbers to be called.

Here is my link to get started: Dial4Dough

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chicken Chili for The Healthy Soul - New Recipe for Nutritious Eating

Check out my Chicken Chili as posted on my Lisa Loves to Be Healthy Blog and ENJOY!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Getting Diabetes Under Control - Win the Battle

Winning a war which has been around for centuries seems pretty overwhelming. This is how many of us who have been diagnosed with diabetes feel. Overwhelmed. If you let it overwhelm you, it is going to happen. For me, that is how I have felt ever since I was diagnosed about two years ago. Fortunately, I have not felt overwhelmed as much on the forefront, mostly in the underlying current.

Underlying currents are deep and can pull you down. When we see others who have been pulled down and suffered greatly, this takes a toll on our nerves. I know that whenever I get a burning, sore right foot I am fearful of amputation. Then there is the number game with blood sugar readings going up and down. Sometimes it feels like you are playing one of those mole whacking games in an arcade. Only thing is...this arcade is our life.

So what are choices? Play mole whacker? Give up? Take action? I'll take "take action" for $1 million Alex. That is correct! Although you can't put a price on health, it is definitely worth more than a cool million to beat diabetes.

Define "beat" diabetes...Well, now that just means to get it under control. Wars all have fronts. I think that the best front for diabetes is one equipped with heavy artillery.

Ways to meet this challenge:

    * Check blood sugar daily, follow guidelines from your doctor. I use an Accu-Chek Aviva meter and love it. I am pleased with the customer service. They aren't paying me to say this. I just like to say what I like. It does not require cleaning, other than wiping it off, because the metallic sensors are in contact with the meter, instead of blood.

    * Keep all medical appointments and contact the doctor if there are abnormal readings on a consistent basis. Write down all medications, records of readings and take to the doctor. I keep a list of all medications, the strengths, dosages and what they are for. This stays in my purse. If am emergency, it is all there. I also have on the same paper all diagnoses.

    * Medication must be taken as prescribed. Otherwise, well you know, you will become very sick. Taking meds is not a sign of weakness. It is a way of taking a stronghold on diabetes.

    * Eat all meals as recommended. I have started a special Type II diabetes plan, and am in week one. I am keeping track of recipes which I favor. Also I'm trying to create new dishes. I will let you know when I have a good one.

    * Exercise as tolerated. Not everybody is going to be an Olympic champion. I have other medical issues which keep me off my feet. This is not a problem. I just chair exercise and do lots of stretches. Water exercise is also great, as you can use those foam supports.

    * Stimulate the brain. The internet can be great for social networking but getting out and socializing helps. Playing board games with family and friends, cards, puzzles, and other brain stimulators keep the cognitive juices cooking. Reading, writing, working with numbers, mentoring others all help. Let creativity flow. Artists and craft enthusiasts benefit from the release which comes with creation.

    * Emotional support is vital for proper diabetes care. When the emotions are elevated to a negative stress level, blood sugar reacts. Counseling, stress management, healthy outlets such as watching funny or sad movies, all help. 

    * Spiritual supports such as prayer, meditation, worship, inspirational reading-all help to refresh our minds and touch our souls.

So there you have it. Record, Refresh, Release, Regroup, all play a part in managing diabetes.

Be good to yourself.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rent Reimbursement, Property Tax Credit, Mobile Home Owner Application for Reduced Tax Rate, Special Assessment Credit Claim and More

Several states offer rent reimbursement, property tax credit and more for people on low income, disability, senior citizens and more. There are also credits for helping the environment, historical preservation, and several other incentives. Many people are not aware that there is money available.  

As an Iowan I was able to find help for family and friends. Check the link I have for Iowans to see what there is . Other states may have help available. Checking your state website for programs is easy. Go to http://www.(your state).gov and search in the tax section. You can also use the search window to check availability. Another resource is the state human services website.  

I did a test for this information for New Jersey, since I have a friend who lives there. After a little digging I hit pay dirt! I found "How to Apply for a Property Tax Reimbursement" and am sure there may be other programs.   

One more state, since it is my neighboring "sister" state, is Nebraska. I found that the state Health and Human Services department was a good resource. This tells me that some states help in a pinch and others help after the fact. And some do both. The conclusion is that help is available.

You can even use the Swidget I put on the bottom on my page. Do some searching plus make money in the process. Here is the link: SwagBucks. (Sign up and I make some pocket money too).

Monday, February 1, 2010

Type II Diabetes - Time to Take it On!

As a person who has Type II Diabetes I have to face the facts. When I checked my blood sugar this morning it was 163, which is 23 points above the high normal of 140. Most doctors are now placing the high number at 130. Reality is that I can no longer manage this simply. It must be managed head on. Otherwise, I am going to have other health problems which are irreversible. This is not going to happen. Although there are those who have diabetes and follow their plan and still have long term health problems, I know that by addressing the problem I can be part of the solution.

In some ways, I am blessed to have diabetes. It has helped me to take a look at my over-all health. I have made some small changes, but they do add up. I have a couple of links here from Dr. Weil and from the American Diabetes Association. Everybody is different and not everything here is going to fit completely.

If you or a loved one have diabetes, I invite you to take a look at the links. I am always here if you ever need a comrade in this battle. 

Peace, Lisa
Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum HealthAmerican Diabetes Association Complete Guide to Diabetes