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Lisa Tomey

Lisa Tomey

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dedication to Pets, The Rainbow Bridge, Love of Four Legged Family Members, More

We lost our beloved Sampson yesterday. You can read about it on  Sampson's Blog His blog will stay active and focus on pets. We think Sampson would like that. 

Here is picture of sweet Sampson.  I had been crocheting a baby blanket and he asked me to pose him with it. Such a sweet, handsome boy.

We decided to let Sampson go naturally unless it became evident that pain would be unbearable. He decided that the master bed would be his place to go. I lay with him and comforted him along with some soft music Tony selected and we waited for Jodi to get home. Soon after she arrived and kissed him goodbye, he left. This  told me that he wanted his family to be with him. He has been taken to the local animal shelter where his remains will be cremated. We will have a service for him when the time is right.

Last night Tony felt something jump up on the bed, just like Sampson did when he was here. It likely was him letting us know that he was okay and not far away. I put off going to bed until late as I knew it would be hard. Sampson had been sleeping on my chest and I missed his purr as he lay there resting. At one point I thought I heard a meow but it was an ambulance from a distance. I finally fell asleep, I think from exhaustion and for that I am grateful.

Jodi took all of Sampson's cat food and supplies with her to my sister's house where they will be used or distributed. She and her family have two cats and two dogs. They are Tigre, Shaft, Targe' and Pepper. Here is their pic.

Our pets are truly our friends as they look out for us. They ask little in return and take all of our hearts if we are lucky. 

Thank God for Sampson and that now he gets his reward for being a true, loyal friend. We miss him but know he is better now.


Hey,Hey,Paula said...

Sampson was so special to everyone who met him. He remembered you and would show his approval by sitting on your lap or trying to eat off your plate ;). He will be missed.

I remember when our Gracie crossed over. Soon after I could feel her sleeping at my back which she liked to do, and she still wouldn't budge to give me more room! lol! We had taken her in after her owner died who use to be our landlord, so she knew us and fit right in. When she passed we held her and snuggled her wrapped in a soft towel and told her to go ahead and be with her Grandma and Grandpa Smith that they were waiting. Then, she did. Our pets are our family.


Carolyn Elizabeth Blake said...

Hi Lisa, I just read your comment on my blog. Thank you and I apologize it took me so long to respond. I have moved my blog and I only am now checking up on my old one. I would be honored if you would come see me at my new blog at I loved your post about Sampson. I lost my nearly 16 year old chihuahua Peaches recently. The magnitude of the grief is stunning isn't it? What will I do without my Peaches? Thank you for your lovely post about Sampson.

I am following your blog now.