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Lisa Tomey

Lisa Tomey

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rent Reimbursement, Property Tax Credit, Mobile Home Owner Application for Reduced Tax Rate, Special Assessment Credit Claim and More

Several states offer rent reimbursement, property tax credit and more for people on low income, disability, senior citizens and more. There are also credits for helping the environment, historical preservation, and several other incentives. Many people are not aware that there is money available.  

As an Iowan I was able to find help for family and friends. Check the link I have for Iowans to see what there is . Other states may have help available. Checking your state website for programs is easy. Go to http://www.(your state).gov and search in the tax section. You can also use the search window to check availability. Another resource is the state human services website.  

I did a test for this information for New Jersey, since I have a friend who lives there. After a little digging I hit pay dirt! I found "How to Apply for a Property Tax Reimbursement" and am sure there may be other programs.   

One more state, since it is my neighboring "sister" state, is Nebraska. I found that the state Health and Human Services department was a good resource. This tells me that some states help in a pinch and others help after the fact. And some do both. The conclusion is that help is available.

You can even use the Swidget I put on the bottom on my page. Do some searching plus make money in the process. Here is the link: SwagBucks. (Sign up and I make some pocket money too).