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Lisa Tomey

Lisa Tomey

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Are You Pinterested?

Recently I joined Pinterest. I was hesitant to join another site which would take my time but I am pleasantly surprised! Actually Pinterest helps me organize the variety of finds I run across while online. I use bookmarks religiously but Pinterest is better yet because it is more organized than I ever keep my bookmarks.

Here is a link to Pinterest. If you would like to follow my page click on the link on the right sidebar.

Happy Pinning!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alzheimers Disease - Finding the Right Doctor and Treatment 01/26 by Alzheimers Hope Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Alzheimers Disease - Finding the Right Doctor and Treatment 01/26 by Alzheimers Hope Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Come, have a listen!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Small Stones - WAZZUB

Today's Small Stones is about WAZZUB!

I just learned about this unique program called WAZZUB What I get from it is that this is a way to share the profit of this company without spending a dime! You make money by referring members to your link. Here is mine: WAZZUB

Here is what it says when you get in to the site:
"WAZZUB is in pre-launch until April 9, 2012. The more users that join our network through your personal link the more your $FACTOR will grow. Each new member 5 generations deep let your $FACTOR grow by 1. After launch we will pay 50% of WAZZUB's profits to our pre-launch members every month.

We simply divide the earnings through the total amount of $FACTORs of all members. Let us say for June the rate per $FACTOR is US$1.00 and your personal $FACTOR is 3905. That means we will pay you 3905 x 1.00 = US$3905.00!


I figure I am not out any money and if they want to send me a bonus then who am I to worry...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Small Stones - Tabatha's Salon Takeover

Today's Small Stones is about Tabatha's Salon Takeover show on Bravo.

With an insomniac night I watched Chopped and then turned to Tabatha's Salon Takeover of which I watched two shows in a row! It is interesting and disgusting to see how people let their businesses go to dirt because of lack of organization and leadership! If a person is really invested financially and professionally in their own salon I cannot imagine why they would let it go.

I do understand about how things happen in life to affect decision making. And I do have some empathy for people who are finding their own way in the business world. One thought that consistently comes to mind is that perhaps when a person is a professional in one respect, such as a stylist, that does not automatically make them an expert in management.

I like how Tabatha can go into a business and shape it up properly. I do know, from my own management experience, that if I had approached workers in the way she suggests it would not have gone quite as smoothly. When you are dealing with labor laws and people who are quick to call an attorney and sue a company you have to mind your p's and q's. A revolt is not a pretty experience!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Small Stones - Zumba

Tonight's Small Stones is Zumba. This is my second post today since I didn't get one done yesterday.

In an effort to get my daughter and I more active I decided to try Zumba class. I had heard about this class from the instructor in a newsletter I get. This class is held in Omaha on Monday and Wednesday nights. The one on Monday is normal Zumba and the one for Wednesday is new and is going to be Zumba Gold for seniors. Zumba Gold involves the use of a chair in the exercise. I think I could have used that one tonight! My left leg gives me fits and showed up true to form tonight. I was rather proud of myself for attending. Jodi did well, she paced about the same as me. So, all in all it was good. The instructor is top notch!

Small Stones - Working From Home

Today's Small Stones is about Working From Home. I have a lot of people ask me about working from home so I am going to share some information which may be helpful.

I am a day behind in Small Stones, so I will make sure and write two times today to catch up! ;)

I suppose you could call me a work from home expert of sorts, although I never touted myself as such. It is just that I have been doing work from home since 2006 and always had a side interest before then. When I was working full-time I was often the one people would come to for resource information. It must be my calling. So...I might as well where the hat! And I do not look good in hats!

While I was still working full-time I created, as a hobby, a group called the Tri-Write-Club. It is still live online. I haven't added or taken away from it in quite sometime because group members went on and became successful writers or lost interest. It was a rather awesome group! The name came from living in the Raleigh/Chapel Hill/Durham North Carolina triangle area but it expended across the country!

Once I figured out that I could navigate through html I gained more confidence. And when I say I figured it out, it was not without cheat sheets. No way! I should have said this sooner: I am a self-taught student of the computer. There have never been any formal lessons. I started when in college trying and succeeding with data entry for statistics. I was clueless but passed! I also was blessed with a professor who let me use her laptop to work on my term paper.

I just sort of faked it in order to get work and learned from job duties. Eventually I got my own computer and became more adept at navigation. I remember taking a temp job as a receptionist and the company thought I knew how to use a word program on the computer. I did not but that didn't stop me from trying. It was funny to me as I had no idea how to open a word document, but I did and accomplished what I set out to do!

When it came to the point that I had to find alternative work, due to health issues, I came a work from home position from a company mentioned in a newspaper article my sister showed me. I checked into it and got qualified. Once I was established I took the required company classes and was working with them in about a month's time. My job was to take orders from people who saw ads on TV and wanted to buy items. I liked the job as I could work from home and in my comfy clothes. I didn't always like some of the calls, especially due to the nature of them but the good over weighed the bad. At first when I took the job I was paid by call time only but the laws caused the company to pay us all minimum wage. That was so much better! Eventually the stress of calls caused me to make some changes.

I hooked up with some freelance writing jobs which made it possible to give up the telephone agent position. I wrote articles for online presence. Most of the articles required some research online about certain products. I had a time frame from acceptance to delivery of the jobs. Making deadlines was not a problem if I didn't get too overzealous, which I did at first. I grabbed work from a job list with dear that there would not be enough work. Once I was able to realize my limits I was able to accept what jobs I could get. It also helped to sign up with more than one freelance company.

My health got worse and I had to cut way back on jobs. For a while I did nothing, recuperating from surgery. Then my friend Linda got me on with her as a freelance writer for a jewelry company. It was just the right fit and pace. Eventually it slowed down. I now work as a ghostwriter for books. It is not the best paying at this point but it does keep me busy at my own pace. There is plenty to keep me busy but I do have to pace myself.

I am always open to talking about working from home jobs. I am particularly excited about affiliate marketing and video emailing. Just let me know what you would like to know.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Small Stones - Portabella Mushrooms

Today's Small Stones is about Portabella mushrooms and what I did with them.

After my daughter tried and loved a portabella mushroom burger (no meat) I decided to try this at home. I was successful and it was a hit! Today I decided to make it again but to try some seasonings, since mushrooms are not all that strong in taste. I found a Mediterranean seasoning blend and used it to pan grill the mushrooms. Since I know you are dying to know how I did this I will try to explain.

I took a large, non-stick skillet and put just a little drizzle of olive oil and heated at about medium heat and added about 2 tablespoons of chopped garlic. I took 2 portabella mushroom caps and placed them in the pan. While they were getting all warmed up I cut the bottoms off about a pound of asparagus and placed them on either side of the mushrooms. I them just turned both the mushrooms and asparagus a few times until I was satisfied they would still have body (not mush) and a little crunch. I sprinkled the Mediterranean seasoning on everything about 5 minutes before I turned the heat off.

Oh, I took 2 whole grain flat breads and put them on top of everything for the last 5 minutes or so of cooking. This got this steamed and ready for the plating. I then took a handful of salad greens and lay them on the flat bread and drizzled a stream of balsamic vinaigrette over the greens. I sprinkled about a tablespoon of Parmesan cheese over this. Then I place a mushroom cap on this on each plate. The asparagus was placed on the plate as the side. One day I will actually take a picture! These were a hit! Key to buying portabella caps is to get them by the pound and take off the stems in the store, unless you really plan to use them. They are no more costly than ground beef and quite good!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Small Stones - Talk Fusion

Today's Small Stones is about a program I just signed onto today called Talk Fusion With this program people can set up video emails or go all the way to several video functions. It can be done just for personal or expended to a full business.

I have worked from home for quite some time. Due to health issues I have to pace myself. I have been doing freelance writing but it can be hit and miss for jobs. Since I am working on another book it takes a lot of time but doesn't pay me a dime until it sells. In the meantime I need something consistent to supplement my income. This is one of the factors for deciding to sign up for Talk Fusion Click on my link and learn more. I would love welcome people to my team. Also here is a link for people who are hearing impaired and prefer sign language. It is a wide open opportunity for the deaf community!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Small Stones - BlogTalkRadio

Today's Small Stones is BlogTalkRadio show preparations and presentations.

Every week I co-host a BlogTalkRadio show on Thursday nights at 5:30 p.m. CST. It it for the Alzheimer's Hope radio show. Allen Golden and I are partners in the health interest of Alzheimer's Disease and other health issues. My Dad had Alzheimer's but actually died from cancer. Allen had gained a lot of knowledge about Alzheimer's Disease and decided to write a book. He has a degree as an educator. I helped him complete this project. So now we do this BlogTalkRadio show about Alzheimer's Disease. We are trying to reach others who are dealing with this disease.

This weeks show was about People Who We Have Known, focusing on famous people who have had Alzheimer's. Some are still with us and most have gone before. We don't hear that much about people who are with us having this disease. I think there are those who do but it is not easily shared. For some it is a matter of privacy and others it is a matter of them growing older and not a lot of focus placed on them. And I am sure there are other reasons, as well.

The preparation for a show is very involved. We have to read through a lot of information to cover even a small piece of time. Tonight we allowed for a 2 hour show, which ended at about 1 1/2 hours more or less. I found video clips and purchased MP3's of the performers who we recognized. The cost wasn't to bad via Amazon but it can add up if not careful. I did not use all of the recordings but may use them in the future. After tonight, I think we will cut back to shorter shows. It is tiring and when we see no listeners it is frustrating. I estimate about 20 hours of prep time for this 2 hour show. We had a caregiver's show recently which had 1 listener. It was a call-in show and nobody called in. Nobody ever has.

Maybe I am not promoting the show enough. I start early and get the information out there. I don't want to bombard people with the information. I use Twitter, Facebook, and email to subscribers. Anyway, there is a lot to be shared about Alzheimer's disease and I believe we have a lot to offer. Perhaps sometime this will take off.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Small Stones - Pampering

Today's Small Stones post is about Pampering, specifically mani-pedi's.

My daughter and I used a Groupon to get a ManiPedi at Studio 4:13 after Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." KJV We had gotten a pedicure and facial before from a Groupon and this was different in that we had both the hands and feet done and not a facial.

I did not realize that when I showed up I would get both hands and feet done. It was fine with me as both needed attention. As a diabetic, foot care is very important to me. It takes skilled hands to take care of my feet. I have a hard time with self care of my tootsies due to the pain of arthritis and fibromyalgia. The lady, Hattie O'Brien (maybe related to my mom's side), was very nice and professional. She had a clean station and what I really was pleased with is that there wasn't that strong smell of chemicals. In fact, there was no smell! This is a big plus!

I picked out a wine colored polish and now have matching nails! I didn't get far before I botched up some of them but that is ok. You can barely notice. That was the only thing I wish was there was a speed dryer. That is not what caused me to have mine botched. It was because I picked at mine instead of having her work on the speck of polish I found on my ragged skin edges.

For the pedicure I soaked my feet in a massaging warm foot bath. I didn't like the way the bottoms of my feet felt on the massage grate so I adjusted them. I should have asked her for a towel. It is likely something to do with my dry skin and sensitivity. The chair I sat is was a massage chair but I didn't realize it until the control fell on the floor. I do recall that Hattie told me that I had a massage but I thought she meant a foot massage coming! LOL I did get a foot massage and it was lovely! I also got my nails tended to and polished! I feel like a new woman! WOO HOO!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Small Stones - Detox

I am on a five day kidney detox in order to attack the kidney stones which are acting up. This is my second round on the kidneys and I am determined to knock those pests out of the parking lots they have taken residence in aka my kidneys. It seems that the type of stones I have are calcium stones. The good news is that they have less jagged edges. Just imagine what it would be like to have them!

The detox consists of drinking morning flush drinks of lemon, lime and cayenne with distilled water. I add agave nectar or stevia to make it taste like lemonade with a kick . I also take several doses of special kidney/bladder formula and detox tonic. At the same time I take echinacea plus which acts as an antibiotic. Dietary changes are limits to a light diet of fruits and salads on days one and five and broths, soups, potassium broth, and juices. It is actually a pleasant diet. No doubt I will be seeking something chewy when it is over. The tonics are not the most pleasant tasting so I put them in a shot glass with grape juice and down a shot of the tonic followed by a juice chaser. The best thing to get through something yucky is to do it quickly.

Needless to say, I spend a lot of time in the potty but that is a good thing. All the bad is trying to leave my kidneys, allowing for me to have a healthier body. I would rather do this than have lithotripsy, which I have had done a couple of times. Anything I can do, within reason, to avoid surgery and procedures I am going to try.

I used a special deal from a massage clinic today. It was for a detox massage. This consisted of my being enveloped in a blanket like device. Then I laid on a table while the heat was sent through channels in the blanket. Perspiration in this infared sauna was plentiful. The lady stayed nearby and monitored my condition. I believed that with the combination of fibromyalgia and doing a kidney detox I would benefit greatly. This type of sauna is supposed to benefit people with fibromyalgia. I believe it helped me.

After the sauna I was administered a 30 minute massage. It was heavenly. The masseuse was very masterful as she was able to provide the pressure needed to help release toxins from my body. What an experience! I do wish I had signed up for an hour massage just because I would have liked leg and feet work. I was quite pleased, regardless!

So this is what it is like to have a sauna and massage along with detox.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Small Stones - Crunchy Munchee Salad

Today's Small Stones observation was Crunchy Munchee Salad which I ordered for lunch at McFoster's Natural Kind Cafe.

This is one of my favorite restaurants, by the way.

The Crunchy Salad consists of "Greens, with shredded Napa and red cabbage, avocado, Snap-A-Crisp Baked Peas, jicama, celery, marinated daikon radish, cucumber, organic broccoli sprouts, and whole wheat croutons." I had the half size which was huge and made me wonder what the large looked like! I ordered a miso salad dressing which contains "vegenaise and organic white miso, lime juice, sesame oil, tamari, ginger and garlic." I really like this dressing and am going to try and replicate it.

To describe the experience of eating this salad I would have to start with the whole layout of this dish. The individual ingredients were carefully displayed so that you cold view the artist's palette of colors. The arrangement alone caused my taste buds to become excited with anticipation of the beautiful feast!

I started out sampling sections of the salad and then decided to mix things up. Either way, it was a winner! The
miso salad dressing brought out the flavor of each ingredient as it was not overpowering. A gentle topping for the not always gentle ingredients. The crunchiness was obvious to my palate and I must say that my mouth did a happy dance! Cool, crispy, tantalizing is my best description of this sexy salad. Delectable and delightful indeed!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Small Stones - Garlic

This is my first post for the Small Stones, Writing Our Way Home blog.

What I recognized today is garlic. I was cooking and began by noticing the parchment paper like jacket, snuggled around each clove of garlic. Garlic is pretty, in my eyes. Each bulb is unique and powerful. Garlic is rather benign until you remove the outer skin and activate the cloves for use. Even without cutting into the tender cloves there is a certain power in garlic. What I did was cut the cloves of a whole bulb in half and put in a potassium broth pot. I find a certain comfort as the scent of garlic overtakes the air and sends comfort to my my body. Yes, it is a garlic overdrive which I so carefully orchestrated.