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Lisa Tomey

Lisa Tomey

Monday, January 9, 2012

Small Stones - Working From Home

Today's Small Stones is about Working From Home. I have a lot of people ask me about working from home so I am going to share some information which may be helpful.

I am a day behind in Small Stones, so I will make sure and write two times today to catch up! ;)

I suppose you could call me a work from home expert of sorts, although I never touted myself as such. It is just that I have been doing work from home since 2006 and always had a side interest before then. When I was working full-time I was often the one people would come to for resource information. It must be my calling. So...I might as well where the hat! And I do not look good in hats!

While I was still working full-time I created, as a hobby, a group called the Tri-Write-Club. It is still live online. I haven't added or taken away from it in quite sometime because group members went on and became successful writers or lost interest. It was a rather awesome group! The name came from living in the Raleigh/Chapel Hill/Durham North Carolina triangle area but it expended across the country!

Once I figured out that I could navigate through html I gained more confidence. And when I say I figured it out, it was not without cheat sheets. No way! I should have said this sooner: I am a self-taught student of the computer. There have never been any formal lessons. I started when in college trying and succeeding with data entry for statistics. I was clueless but passed! I also was blessed with a professor who let me use her laptop to work on my term paper.

I just sort of faked it in order to get work and learned from job duties. Eventually I got my own computer and became more adept at navigation. I remember taking a temp job as a receptionist and the company thought I knew how to use a word program on the computer. I did not but that didn't stop me from trying. It was funny to me as I had no idea how to open a word document, but I did and accomplished what I set out to do!

When it came to the point that I had to find alternative work, due to health issues, I came a work from home position from a company mentioned in a newspaper article my sister showed me. I checked into it and got qualified. Once I was established I took the required company classes and was working with them in about a month's time. My job was to take orders from people who saw ads on TV and wanted to buy items. I liked the job as I could work from home and in my comfy clothes. I didn't always like some of the calls, especially due to the nature of them but the good over weighed the bad. At first when I took the job I was paid by call time only but the laws caused the company to pay us all minimum wage. That was so much better! Eventually the stress of calls caused me to make some changes.

I hooked up with some freelance writing jobs which made it possible to give up the telephone agent position. I wrote articles for online presence. Most of the articles required some research online about certain products. I had a time frame from acceptance to delivery of the jobs. Making deadlines was not a problem if I didn't get too overzealous, which I did at first. I grabbed work from a job list with dear that there would not be enough work. Once I was able to realize my limits I was able to accept what jobs I could get. It also helped to sign up with more than one freelance company.

My health got worse and I had to cut way back on jobs. For a while I did nothing, recuperating from surgery. Then my friend Linda got me on with her as a freelance writer for a jewelry company. It was just the right fit and pace. Eventually it slowed down. I now work as a ghostwriter for books. It is not the best paying at this point but it does keep me busy at my own pace. There is plenty to keep me busy but I do have to pace myself.

I am always open to talking about working from home jobs. I am particularly excited about affiliate marketing and video emailing. Just let me know what you would like to know.

1 comment: said...

Hey Lisa - so glad I was able to help you get on with the jewelry company. You are well on your way - you have accomplished SO much since then and have went places your probably never dreamed of!

You have a lot of talent and I too, never took any classes -- I was self taught as well.

Maybe I can recruit you to help me in some future product creations :) Keep in touch, ok!